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Shiba inu male dog

How does shiba male and female look like? This question must answer everyone, who wants to buy a puppy. When it comes to the appearance and structure shiba inu male is about 39cm high and is a little shorter than a bitch of this race. The male is stronger. For most of people a male is more presentable. If we have a very beautiful dog, we can make him a reproductor , thanks to that a dog can "work" for himself, sometimes very effectively.

As it is known the males don't have estrous cycle. The problem appears when a neighbour has a female, that has an estrous cycle. Then, our dog just can't keep himself down - it's natural for healthy, energetic dogs. In this case the easiest method is the best one - you just have to seperate a dog from a bitch. If they aren't near to each other - everything is all right. I know, that there are many medical methods to solve this "problem" (e.g. castration) but I don't use them so I won't write anything about them.

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