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Shiba inu breeding

Grodzki Zakątek has bred dogs since 1990. By buing new dogs, we try to make our breeding as modern as it is only possible. We want our dogs to represent us and our customers to be satisfied with puppies they buy.
We pay much attention to our dogs and take care of them because they're practically members of our family. They have very good living conditions. The dogs we have are gentle to our family and to each other. We have two females and one male, they run and spend a lot of time together and there aren't any trouble with that. Shiba is a perfect car alarm. They aren't big so there are no problems to keep them at home.

What can I say about our breeding?

I run this breeding with my father and now even my son helps me. Dogs are kind of our family obsession:) We just love them.

Why do I breed dogs?

I've loved dogs since I was a small kid and my biggest dream was to breed dogs in the future and have lots of them. My father is a retired person and I have to say, that it would be much more difficult if he didn't help me. Fortunately, he likes dogs and spends his day taking care of them. He spends more time with dogs than at his own home :)
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Cairo shiba inu

Why did I choose sgiba inu?

Well, I wanted to find dogs, that aren't aggressive, are easy to train, are faithful and attached to family. They're resistant to temperature and diseases. Shiba's size is medium, so there're no problems to heep it at home, these dogs enjoy travelling by car.

Why do I sell pedigree puppies?

Because papers aren't that expensive and it's always better to have them. All puppies are examinated by a veterinary surgeon and by a manager of the Kennel Club so the puppies are verified and healthy.

Our puppies

Our customers send us often mails, pictures and letters, they're really happy about their offsprings. Many customers take part in national and international dog shows and what's more they succeed! Of course not everybody want to do such things, but everyone want to have a beautiful, strong and healthy dog. That's sth we can guarantee, and that,s why we recommend our puppies. The dogs we sell are always vaccinated. They get food, that's rich in vitamins and minerals. The puppies are kept in spacious rooms and they run very often. We take care of cleanness and give our dogs the best living conditions we can. If you want to see on your own or want to have more information, then please, visit us, we'll be more than happy if you are our guests:)
Shiba inu breeding